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Red Rocks Community College Foundation Former Directors

Cinthia R. Andrews
John Bandimere
Tim Bradley
Tom Clark
Jerry Donahue
Dave Donaldson
Cameron Douthitt
Fred F. Emich, III
William Fortune
Bob Frie
Wendell Gardner
James Garner
Gordon Garrett
Don Gray
Jacquie Haughton
Dorothy Horrell
Gary Hutchinson
Swede Johnson
Jan Koshio
Keith Krickbaum
Darrel W. Lathrop
Laura Leprino
Virgnia Lewis
Cris Mathews
Bert Mizke
Ruth Montoya
Linda Morton
Aldo G. Notarianni
Chuck Ochsner
Jane Petrie
Jim Raughton
Dr. Eric Reno
Carol Salzmann
Ted Sandquist
Bill Shanley
Harold Smethills
Greg Stevinson
Mara Swan
Edward Szydlowski
Ann Thacker
Dan Thoren
Richard A. Walter
Stuart Wheeler
Robert Whitfield, Sr.
James D. Willard
Joe Williams
Bill Woodall
Duane Youse

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"Your generosity has greatly assisted me in pursuing my professional goals; and it represents not only an honor, but also a great inspiration to me."

-Ruth, Martin Family Foundation Scholarship Recipient

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