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First Year Step-by-Step

First Year Step by Step Procedure for registering with the Rocky Mountain Chef's of Colorado Chef's Apprenticeship Program:

  1. Students MUST read all information on the RMCC website and try to understand what culinary apprenticeship means!

  2. Students MUST attend an orientation meeting as outlined on the RMCC website.

  3. At the orientation meetings (starting in March 2014) you will fill out an application, sign the Bureau of Labor application log and receive a sponsoring house list from the Rocky Mountain Chef's of Colorado (RMCC).

  4. Student MUST be a registered RRCC student. The interested student needs to register with Red Rocks community college and at the same time for the College Opportunity Fund (COF credits) at no cost. Please read procedure if you are an out of State student, outlined on website!

  5. The perspective Student MUST secure full-time employment in a Rocky Mountain Chef's of Colorado approved sponsoring House by the application closing date (September 4, 2014).

  6. The future chef's apprentice needs to attend the fall class registration session (size Uniforms, order Books, knife kit, etc.) with the Rocky Mountain Chef's of Colorado Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training, and Red Rocks Community College, September, 4, 2014.

  7. Students need to have RMCC tuition for fall semester ($ 1080) and national American Culinary Federation junior fees ($80) -please keep checks separate-available at registration session on September 4, 2014. (You can also use our PayPal option by clicking here.). Please remember that Red Rocks Community College is NOT able to collect tuition. This program does not qualify for Red Rocks CC tuition assistance!!!

  8. The RMCC recommends to complete 3 credits per semester of optional general education classes (classes outlined on web side) to complete AAS degree. Please register for fall classes at your local community college. General education classes are transferable to Red Rocks CC.

  9. Sponsoring House List will not be mailed or emailed to ensure complete understanding of the program.

  10. Congratulations, you have made a great decision to be part of the RMCC Chefs Apprenticeship Program. Have fun learning!

Culinary Arts Information Sessions (no sign up required)

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