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Visual & Performing Arts Department

RRCC Visual & Performing Arts Department has a wide variety of classes including one of the only sculpture programs in the state, a fully developed ceramics program with superior facilities and strong foundation courses in drawing and painting. We offer courses ranging from beginning to advanced in each subject and occasionally have specialized classes in color theory, anatomy for the artist and professional development classes.

In addition to the many classes we offer the visual arts department has a gallery with regularly scheduled exhibitions, visiting artist’s lectures and demonstrations and is embraced by the college as a vital and essential program on campus. The overarching culture at RRCC supports, celebrates and promotes the Arts in an effort to engage the community, build partnerships, foster life-long learning and stimulate the full human experience.

An Associate degree in the Visual Arts lays the foundation for a 4 year degree, and can lead to a career as a self-employed professional artist, a part-time artist, or a freelance artist. Exposure to the visual arts can enhance an individual’s success in any discipline.  Research has shown that involvement in the arts has been linked to improvement in reading, mathematics, critical thinking, cognitive skills, and verbal skills.  In addition, the arts contribute to social and emotional development, motivation, concentration and group cooperation.

Additionally, a student who is involved in the Visual Arts will have a deeper appreciation for the great world heritage that is recorded in the arts, our history in the U.S., and the struggles and triumphs of individuals from the past and in the present.

Career Paths

A degree in Visual Arts opens the door to:            

The skills learned with a Visual Arts degree can help lay the groundwork for being a professional artist.  This includes creating a regular studio practice, learning to be self-disciplined and motivated, promoting ones work through exhibitions and grants and overseeing your own business.

Other career paths can be created through sole proprietorship businesses for broad or niche markets or related fields such as: architectural design, interior design, landscape design, printmaker, gallery assistant, exhibition designer, curator, art appraiser, art consultant, art studio assistant, theatre production, art castings, garden ornaments, utilitarian casting and more.

Problem solving and technical skills explored in Visual Arts classes have applications in industrial design and industries with mold making and fabrication.

Faculty Fun Fact:

Berndt Savig is an avid backcountry skier who enjoys winter camping at high altitudes here in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Bob Thomas is writing a book about art, design, color, drawing and painting.
He has collected art for many years and has more than 200 pieces on display in his home and studio. These include paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, photographs, ceramics, textile weaving and digital work.

Deborah Dell has lived and traveled throughout the world making her ceramic work overseas and visiting numerous museums, gardens and galleries. While in Denver she is active with yoga, hiking, dance and the art scene in the galleries and museums on the Front Range of Colorado. She has a regular studio practice and strives to push her work in new directions.


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The Visual & Performing Arts Department includes the following programs: